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Viddsee is now featuring on the NetRange TV Portal

Viddsee is now featuring on the NetRange TV Portal

Viddsee is now featuring on the NetRange TV Portal

Hamburg, Germany, September 19, 2022 - NetRange MMH GmbH (‘NetRange’), an ACCESS company and a global provider of white-labelled, turnkey Smart TV and OTT ecosystems, today announced that we are pleased to introduce Viddsee to the NetRange App Store, bringing compelling short-form video to its users through a unique and interactive storytelling experience. Focusing on empowering storytellers, it launched Viddsee Studios where original films and series are built by tapping on Viddsee's storyteller community and data insights for digital audiences. Viddsee Originals was later created to continue the growth of Asian storytelling - where original series, films, and documentaries are produced alongside Viddsee Studios. Filmmakers are given the opportunity to produce shows that entertain, engage, and shape conventions through unique stories. Viddsee is available worldwide with a strong focus on the Asian market.

Viddsee is a leading storyteller platform for short premium content, with over 2 billion views and more than 3,000 strong storytelling community. Since its founding year, Viddsee has published over 6,000 premium content including short films, series, docu-series, and other bite-sized content. Browse through different genres like comedy, romance, drama, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, action and more. Shows are also available Chinese, Filipino or Indonesian - all without any subscription fee.

Due to the growing demand of Smart TV industry, content is now more accessible than before. Specialising in short-form content, Viddsee’s short films are a great way to unwind after a busy day. Have no pressure in being locked for long hours as user time is unlimited. Short films are also more likely to capture audiences’ attention, leading to higher retention rates.

To give you a little taste of what to expect, here’s a brief review of a few of Viddsee’s award-winning shows:


Viddsee Originals TV Shows

Maybe, Marriage
Awards: T.O. WebFest 2022 for Best International Series and ContentAsia Award 2022 for Best Short Form Drama Series

Maybe, Marriage is a story about letting go and learning to move on. It was inspired by the conversations being had around me by some of my peers, many of them in their late 20s, at a crossroads in their lives deliberating marriage with their long-term partners. Committing to spending the rest of one’s life with someone is one of the biggest commitments one can undertake, and it is incredibly personal. I want to tell a It is a sincere and fun story of young people in Singapore, with their different views on relationships and companionship, and what it means to them.

Awards: Official Selection for Series Mania 2022

Mirage traces five protagonists who are thrust into their respective predicaments, blurring their moral compass, and putting their principles to a test. A migrant wrestle with his conscience as he is forced to choose between his family and the life of his counterpart; an unhinged woman struggles with her morals as she believes she deserves a piece of happiness even if it doesn’t belong to her; a junior college student takes matters into her own hands after suspecting an affair by her stepfather. In each of these stories, “Mirage” is a social commentary on how things are not as black and white, where the line between what is right and wrong becomes ambiguous, like the optical illusion that produces a displaced image which the series is named after.

The Miracle Barbershop
Awards: Best Foreign Language Series, T.O.WebFest 2021 and Best Short Form Drama, ContentAsia Awards 2021

The Miracle Barbershop is a five-part fantasy web series - where we delve into the remorse of 5 persons five individuals - a husband who desires to see his wife's smile for the last time, a young girl who wishes to confess her love, a mother who hopes to make her son one final meal, a daughter longs to fulfil the dying wish of her mother and a father to fulfil his last promise to his daughter. These persons people fulfil their last wishes and find peace before departing for their next journey afterlife.


Viddsee Original Movies

After the status of the Covid 19 outbreak became a new normal, Bani went on a journey to find her family roots in Mandailing, North Sumatra. By air, he traveled from Solo (Central Java) to Medan (North Sumatra) to meet his family. Once there, he got a pedigree to take to the land of Mandailing, a place that for years had only been a fairy tale of his father.

Oldies Buddies
Ting! Guntur received a notification from his new smartphone. Siti, his wife, also received the same message. They’re just invited to their high school alumni group chat. At first, they seem unfamiliar with this new thing, but at the same time they’re excited to see every news that was shared in the group. But someone new just invited to the group and disturb this joyful occurrence, Siti’s ex-boyfriend.

Seeing the growing demand for local content, our partnership with Viddsee allows us to give users access to high-quality short-form videos as part of a curated viewing experience. We’re excited to have such a strong partner on board and further strengthen our content portfolio.



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