Smart TV Portals and Ecosystems

NetRange is the largest global provider for Smart TV portals and ecosystems. Our philosophy can be summed up in two points: Content and service providers only need to build one app, and it will run smoothly on all our portals. Our portals run on every browser-chipset combination imaginable, on Linux as well as on Android operating systems. This gives you the freedom to stay flexible in the choice of switching to new hardware or new technical components, without having to switch or modify the NetRange portal. Today, NetRange provides portal and ecosystem solutions to CE device manufacturers, infrastructure providers (satellite, cable and telecommunications), OEMs/ODMs and retailers. NetRange solutions have already been in regular 24/7 operation for more than five years.

Our service portfolio covers all necessary process stages: business model, UI design and concept, backend development and construction, integration of the portal into the hardware, and finally, live operation.

The operation also includes continuous functional development and maintenance as well as the expansion of the worldwide content portfolio. NetRange portals and ecosystems can be run as global solutions or designed only for specific countries.

NetRange Global Coverage

1000+ apps, 2.500+ linear TV channels, 200+ games, 100+ AAA console games, 100+ VoDs in 100+ countries available

NetRange Global Coverage

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