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Hybrid Store for AOSP

Our Solution

Hybrid Store for AOSP

NetRange Hybrid Store for AOSP is an innovative solution that combines both HTML5 web-apps and APKs into one store.

This hybrid approach offers clients the flexibility to choose between web-apps and APKs, helping to save local storage space while also providing access to a wide range of apps.

Clients such as Alphatronics, CVTE, Cultraview and Top Tech have already benefited from NetRange Hybrid Store for AOSP. By offering a mix of both web-apps and APKs, clients can provide their customers with a broad selection of apps without sacrificing storage space. Additionally, NetRange adds App APKs to the store based on client requirements, ensuring that customers have access to the latest apps.

One of the key advantages of the NetRange Hybrid Store for AOSP is its automatic update feature. With updates managed through the backend, customers can be sure that they always have access to the latest version of their favourite apps and new launcher features. This seamless user experience helps to keep customers engaged and satisfied, driving customer loyalty, and increasing revenue for clients.


As a pioneer in Smart TV and automotive portals and ecosystems, NetRange provides a global, cloud-based app portal with fully copyrighted content, including: world-leading VoD services, linear TV channels, sports, music, and games. We offer all entertainment apps for tier-one CE manufacturers and global operators. Our mission is to build a sustainable app portal that creates value for end-users, while also utilizing the portal product for business clients to generate continuous revenue and help brands establish closer customer relationships with their end-users.