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DeFiance expands the content portfolio of the NetRange App with exciting new documentaries and TV-Shows

DeFiance expands the content portfolio of the NetRange App with exciting new documentaries and TV-Shows

DeFiance expands the content portfolio of the NetRange App with exciting new documentaries and TV-Shows

Hamburg, Germany, Oktober 28, 2022 - DeFiance the exclusive Broadcast Channel of Alternative Culture, Finance and Technology and NetRange, the leading global, white label Smart TV solution provider announce today that the existing app on the NetRange portals will be filled with new, unique content.

DeFiance Media is a 24-hour global broadcast network channel dedicated to alternative finance and DeFi-lifestyle, which stands for Decentralized Finance. The channel is about financial ecosystems based on the blockchain technology. It informs users about buying and selling assets and financial services as a form of investment or financing without a middleman that eliminates the traditional intermediaries between business and the consumer. With mass adoption in digital currency and the Web 3 industry ahead, DeFiance Media is here to help to navigate through the next wave of this revolutionary movement as it transforms our economic and cultural future. DeFiance Media delivers original content, unscripted series and daily news for a generation defining itself by news and data . Founder & CEO Marc Scarpa, veteran media and technology entrepreneur, DeFiance Media provides TV viewers and digital natives the cultural, financial and lifestyle programming they desire.

For example you can enjoy their show DeFiance Daily (top of programming) that features daily news coverage of alternative culture, finance and technology delivered every two hours featuring Raxana, the first broadcast television virtual human news anchor.

Below we would introduce some more great Shows Defiance is offering:

Culture Conversations:
Features exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and investors from the most prominent conferences and events such as BTC Miami, d10e, Consensus and more.

Anything is Possible:
Host Patrick Tsang in conversation with entrepreneurs who share their personal success stories and the processes they employ for innovation and leadership.

The O Show:
Host Wendy O shares her take on a wide variety of topics with featured interviews, project reviews, discussion pieces, technical analysis, and market updates! And talks everything crypto every day - Bitcoin, Blockchain, and trading while teaching all the basics.

Money Talks:
Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, takes a deep dive into the week’s Bitcoin news along with analyst Natalie Brunell and special executive guests.

Of course, the content portfolio is constantly being expanded. So, it's worth checking back regularly.

The partnership will further expand NetRange’s offering as a global international service that meets both the local and global content needs of connected TV viewers across the globe. For DeFiance, we’re looking forward to helping it achieve its ambitions by leveraging NetRange’s presence in 100+ countries and expanding the global audience of its highly rated programming.


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