OS.CAR - The Future of In-Car Infotainment

OS.CAR - The Solution

OS.CAR is a white label automotive infotainment platform for new in-car entertainment and utility services.

OS.CAR is hardware agnostic and can be integrated with every vehicle infotainment system.

OS.CAR is integrated with the infotainment system and allows access to games, movies, apps and TV. OS.CAR serves front and rear seat displays at the same time and allows the implementation of “Bring Your Own Device” scenarios.

OS.CAR allows data delivery from and into vehicles and therefore offers tight data integration, if requested from an OEM. OS.CAR allows the mixture of car data with cloud based services.

OS.CAR comes with all content rights fully cleared. Therefore, no additional contracts between an OEM and content and service providers are required.

OS.CAR is operated from servers located in Germany and/or the European Union. OS.CAR can also be operated from OEM infrastructure, which allows implementation of all OEM data security requests and/or assumptions.

OS.CAR - The Advantages

Business Models

OS.CAR is the basis for new business models under OEM control.

Market Place

OS.CAR includes a digital automotive market place.

Designed For Automotive

OS.CAR is specifically designed for automotive usage and no adapted smart phone OS.

Short Time To Market

Due to its setup, OS.CAR allows extreme short time-to-market scenarios.

Quality Control

OS.CAR allows the OEM final quality assurance.

Data Security

Data security is the no. 1 priority within the OS.CAR platform.

NetRange Global Coverage

1000+ apps, 2.500+ linear TV channels, 200+ games, 100+ AAA console games, 100+ VoDs in 100+ countries available

NetRange Global Coverage

Client Examples