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Asharq - Advanced news streaming app for users around the world now available on NetRange App Stores!

Asharq - Advanced news streaming app for users around the world now available on NetRange App Stores!

Asharq - Advanced news streaming app for users around the world now available on NetRange App Stores!

Hamburg, Germany, 27 January, 2023 – NetRange, the leading global provider of white labelled Smart TV Portals and Asharq News, a 24/7, multiplatform Arabic news service reaching across the Arab world and beyond with a unique approach: news and in-depth analysis reported through the prism of the economy to empower people in their everyday lives, now working together to enrich the NetRange Smart TV portal.

The Asharq News experience is delivered through a dedicated television channel, as well as multiple digital platforms, offering continuous insights into the people, events, organizations, and ideas that impact the MENA region and international markets. An exclusive content agreement with Bloomberg Media, the business and financial information news leader, powers a key component. Asharq News is headquartered in Riyadh, with offices in the Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE, and Washington D.C. It also has regional offices and correspondents across key Arab countries and in global capitals, in addition to access to the content produced by hundreds of reporters from Bloomberg's network around the world. Asharq News is owned by the Saudi Research and Media Group, the Middle East’s largest publishing group and only publicly listed media company. Within two years, Asharq News won over 35 global and regional awards and is free of use.

Asharq News provides an insightful and diverse mix of political and economic news, programs, and documentaries. To cater to younger audiences, several programs address their concerns and aspirations through focusing on entrepreneurs and success stories. With such content, Asharq News aims to give hope to young people to build their future independently, move ahead confidently and start their own businesses. Asharq News focuses on programs that deliver useful and relevant content for business opinion and policy leaders. It also considers the fact that most Arabic speakers are members of the young generation under the age of 25. Asharq News television and digital platforms offer a schedule of talk shows, news and economic programs that are distinct in form and content. Its flagship programs include:

1. Assabah Maa Cyba (Morning with Cyba)

The programme is the first morning show in the Middle East targeting business leaders in the Arab region. Aimed at preparing its audience for the business day before the stock markets open, the programme explores news and information related to Asian and American economies, and expectations regarding their impact on the region, in addition to other various segments.

2. Sharq Gharb (East West)

The show focuses on the closure of the stock markets in the region, especially in Saudi and Egypt, in addition to European economic news, and preparing for the opening of the American market.

3. Da’erat Asharq (East Circle)

A political talk show that reviews the events of the day and examines them from its ‘five corners’: geographic setting, historical dimension, political depth, economic impact and social reality.

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Asharq, and we are looking forward to continuing to help grow its audience while bringing further premium content to the NetRange portfolio.


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